Guardian Geomatics Awarded HIPP, SI 1001-Approaches to Newcastle Contract


Guardian Geomatics are proud to announce our first contribution to the HydroScheme Industry Partnership Program (HIPP), SI 1001- Approaches to Newcastle survey, with work commencing on this project next month.

Guardian Geomatics Managing Director, Paul Kennedy said:

"We are pleased to announce the award of this initial contract with HIPP. We have been building our business capability and capacity with projects like HIPP in mind.

By integrating the hydrographic survey services with our sister-company vessel, the MV Offshore Guardian, we reduce project, commercial, schedule and environmental risk – and ultimately provide a safe and healthy work environment to undertake our work to the highest standard."

ABOVE: The  SI 1001-Approaches to Newcastle survey area. Port of Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

The SI 1001 survey area encompasses an inshore transit route that is passage for thousands of vessels in and out of The Port of Newcastle. Bathymetric data will be acquired to improve navigational safety, as well as backscatter data to facilitate habitat mapping and environmental monitoring. Several tide gauges and current meters will be installed during the project, so the team can develop a tidal model for depth reduction and establish connection to AusHydroid. Plans for the acquired data include updates to electronic and paper charts of this high traffic area, last surveyed in 1972.

Guardian Geomatics will deploy company-owned assets and software including EM2040, IXBlue ROVINS, Valeport SVP, QPS and Caris, which will be utilized in conjunction with Guardian Geomatics’ internal suite of GG Tools and Subsea-Cloud will ensure all data acquired can be closely monitored, with high speed data transfers, in real time, from the project location to shore for project management, final processing and quality control.

ABOVE: Guardian survey vessel - MV Offshore Guardian, which will be used to conduct the HIPP,  SI 1001 survey in Stockton Bight, NSW.

Commercial Director, Steve Duffield emphasized the importance of utilizing our own assets during this scope of work, stating:

“The vision for HIPP has been clear since we first partnered with the Program – Efficient, Effective, Sustainable and Australian owned. Offering our own state of the art survey equipment and developing and owning industry leading software is not only cost effective, it gives us an opportunity to show our commitment to the culture promoted by HIPP. We have end to end capability for this work."

Project preparation is already under way and Guardian Geomatics will be commencing works in Stockton Bight, NSW later this year. For more information on this, and further HIPP surveys visit HydroScheme 2020.

ABOVE: An artists interpretation of the proposed Guardian survey vessel equipped with multiple USV's.

To improve survey capacity and capability, while increasing value for money proposition, a combined survey + autonomous drone vessel solution will be the next evolutionary step in our service provision.

An update on this will be released in the near future.


Steve Duffield