Ocius Technology & Guardian Geomatics Ink Agreement


Ocius Technology Ltd. and Guardian Geomatics Pty. Ltd. have signed an agreement for Guardian Geomatics to supply survey services and equipment for deployment onboard the Ocuis unmanned surface vessel, Bluebottle BEACON.

This is an exciting opportunity for Guardian Geomatics to work with another innovative Australian company, and world leader in Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) development. The project will also add to Guardians' growing experience in acquiring hydrographic and oceanographic data from both USV and AUV operations, as Guardian Geomatics has been contracted to supply and install both hydrographic and oceanographic equipment onto BEACON.

Ocius bluebottle BEACON SUV

Above: Guardian Geomatics will be providing survey services and equipment to Ocius Bluebottle BEACON unmanned surface vessel (USV).

Ocius Technology Ltd. are a marine technology provider at the forefront of the development of renewable energy propulsion and automated systems. Their Bluebottle class USVs are equipped with a patented ‘keel winch’ to lower sensors to variable depths as required by the project for survey data collection.

Guardian Geomatics will then be utilising their proprietary Subsea-Cloud and GG Maps to deliver and display the acquired data in near real-time.

Initial trials and demonstrations will be conducted offshore NSW, Australia, before the complete system is shipped to an international client who will undertake hydrographic surveys in the Pacific Ocean.


Above: An example of hydrographic data (top), and oceanographic data (bottom) obtained by Guardian from USV operations.

Above: Ocius Bluebottle technology includes a collapsible sonar sail, rudder flipper and keel winch cassette. 

The Bluebottle BEACON uses solar, wind and wave power, enabling the vessel to remain at sea for months at a time while autonomously collecting data.

This provides significant operational, economic, and environmental advantages over conventional data collection methods. This is in alignment with both companies’ commitment to minimalizing environmental impact on the oceans in which they operate.

For detailed information on the Bluebottle SUVs visit Ocius Technology.

Steve Duffield